Carrie Underwood on Tour with New Opening Band

Carrie Underwood had been touring with a new opening band Sons of Sylvia. This new band is also featured on her newest CD in which she sings a duet with them. Some people liked the Sons of Sylvia better when they were the Clark Brothers.

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Wicked in Durham

Wicked is moving on and up and has made it’s way to Durham. They have been patiently waiting for over a year to get this musical into their theaters and it is finally there.More than 100 technical crew put the stage floor together. They aren’t using the theater’s normal stage because the set for Wicked travels with the show, making it easier on the actors and the sets, as there are already tracks for set pieces to move on, and areas for special effects like fog to be piped in.

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Smucker’s Stars on Ice Tour 2010

If you have never seen the Smucker’s Stars on Ice tour before, you don’t know what you are missing. It is a lot of fun, and it is quite amazing to see what those people can do on ice skates. Below is a video of what is thought might be some of the highlights, but usually it is a whole lot more amazing than what they show in this clip.

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Sick Puppies Tours With Nickelback, Breaking Bejamin and Shinedown

Sick Puppies is having the time of their life soon with the new tour coming up. They just released a new EP with some great music from their last CD released summer of last year (2009). Now they are going to go on tour with some of the biggest names in alternative rock. The dates of their tour have been released and the tickets are now on sale.

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Jimmy Buffet Adds Shows to His Tour

With the continuing rise in sales, Jimmy Buffet is giving a few more fans the chance to see him live in concert by adding a few more shows to his tour list. More than that though, he is putting out a new CD called “Encores” that will hit stores days before he starts the tour. His hope is that there will be a little more of what the fans really want on this CD than he has normally done in the past.

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Backstreet Boys Reunite

The Backstreet Boys were a band from the 90’s and for those of you who are too young to remember that time, this has a great description of them. For those of you who do remember them, it is too late to get tickets for the boat trip, which might be for the best since the rumor is that at least one of them gets sick on boats, but there is still a chance to check out their concert.

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Brooks and Dunn Farewell Tour

Brooks and Dunn announced recently that they will be splitting up after an amazing nineteen year run, but not before they do one last tour together. They will be kicking off their Farewell Tour next week starting with their last performance together for the ACMA. They have preformed at the ACMA sixteen of the nineteen years they have been together.

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Dave Mathews Band In Concert

With Dave Matthews Band going on Concert soon, I thought I would put up a short clip from one of their earlier shows. If there is anyone who hasn’t heard of them, as unlikely as that is, this is a great chance to see these guys in concert. It isn’t just about Dave Matthews, they are all great talents.

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Bon Jovi’s Setlist for the Circle Tour

While most people are happy to go to Bon Jovi’s newest concert without knowing what the set list is, for some people this is the deciding factor. Luckily for them there are others who are just as interested in what the future might bring, and while it is an inexact science you may be able to find someone who has studied his shows enough to tell you what you will probably see. Maybe this list will make you want to come to the concert, maybe it won’t.

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Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Are Back

They have come roaring back into town and are doing amazing. This year is the 200th birthday salute to Barnum and it is going fabulously. If you find yourself interested in this event, or any circus you should find out more from this article.

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